Product launch and commercialization expertise to help bring your new products to market  

Identification and assessment of target markets to identify the best opportunities

    • Independent, objective and confidential market research • Customer profiling
    • In-depth customer interviews • On-line surveys
  Customer requirements and new product specifications that meet market needs
  Sales enablement to help you hit your internal targets and effectively communicate with your customers
    • Marketing collateral and website content • Launch kits and sales support tools
    • Case studies, white papers and customer testimonials • Messaging and positioning
  Clinical study management for clinical evidence and user data to support your products
  Interim marketing and project management so you can focus on your other priorities

Identifying Problems and Solutions
Vela Technologies will look within your organization to identify your true needs and how they can best be addressed. Skilled in working with sales, marketing, clinical, engineering, R&D, testing and validation, regulatory, manufacturing, technical writing and training departments, Vela Technologies will search out information that may not be shared or commonly understood throughout your organization.

Voice of the Customer
Understanding your markets requires openly and objectively listening to what your customers have to say. Vela Technologies has the experience and ability to objectively gather information about what your customers need and what's important to them.

Product Promotion and Marketing Strategy
Knowing what’s important to your external and internal customers is a first and vitally important step. With this in mind, an effective marketing strategy can be developed. Vela Technologies can help develop this strategy and define the types of materials that will best fit your needs, or simply help you execute your own plans and ideas. Either way, our experience, focus, and attention to detail ensures the highest quality results and on-time delivery!

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